Nail caps
for cats and dogs

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Avoid scratches

No more scratched floors and torn sofas!

Avoid scratched skin and damage on household objects such as floors, sofas, doors and more. Masked claw may also help animals with skin conditions aggravated by scratching by reducing direct contact between skin and claws.


Totally harmless, safe and non-toxic. The adhesive used is similar to the one used by many veterinarians. This is an non-exothermic adhesive , in other words, no heat is likely to upset your pet.


  • Content dog box
  • Content cat box

Every box contains :

  • nail caps

    40x Nail caps

    Vinyl compounds natural non-toxic, safe and made of a resin imported from the medical community.
  • glue

    2x tubes of adhesive and tip

    Non-toxic and safe, this glue is safer than the adhesive used for manicures. Approved by EU SGS environmental protection.
  • instructions manual

    1x instruction manual

    This instruction manual will explain step by step method of application of nail caps and the usual precautions.

Available sizes

During your first order, if you are a merchant and you want a sample to determine the size of each categorie size of each class of quantities, please contact us by phone at (514) 668-0732 or by email at

Nail caps for dogsNail caps for dogs

  • Nail caps for extra small size dogs
    1 to 5 lbs
  • Nail caps for small size dogs
    5 to 11 lbs
  • Nail caps for medium size dogs
    11 to 16 lbs
  • Nail caps for large size dogs
    16 to 22 lbs
  • Nail caps for extra large size dogs
    22 to 44 lbs
  • Nail caps for extra extra large size dogs
    44 lbs and more

Nail caps for catsNail caps for cats

  • Nail caps for extra small size cats
    1 to 5 lbs
  • Nail caps for small size cats
    5 to 9 lbs
  • Nail caps for medium size cats
    9 to 13 lbs
  • Nail caps for large size cats
    13 lbs and more

Available colors

The nail caps are available in 10 different colors

  • White nail caps
  • Clear nail caps
  • Black nail caps
  • Violet nail caps
  • Orange nail caps
  • Grey nail caps
  • Red nail caps
  • Pink nail caps
  • Blue nail caps
  • Green nail caps

New Glitter nail caps in 5 different colors

  • Black Glitter nail caps
  • Blue Glitter nail caps
  • Gold Glitter nail caps
  • Pink Glitter nail caps
  • Silver Glitter nail caps

Application method

A simple 4-step method

  1. Trim your pet's nails

    Step 1

    Trim your pet's nails
  2. Fill in the nail cap at one third of glue with the tube of adhesive provided for this purpose.

    Step 2

    Fill in the nail cap at one third of glue with the tube of adhesive provided for this purpose.
  3. Apply the nail caps on your pet's nails.

    Step 3

    Apply the nail caps on your pet's nails.
  4. Watch your pet during the first 5 minutes after application.

    Step 4

    Watch your pet during the first 5 minutes after application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it really works?
Yes! This product has stood the test of time. Since its invention in 1991, over 50 Million nail caps have been sold worldwide!
What are the advantages of using Masked Claw’s nail caps?
There are many benefits of using nail caps, but the main advantage of Masked Claw relies primarily on protecting your property. Masked Claw extends the life of your furniture, sofas, carpets, curtains, doors and wood floors. The Masked Claw also help protect sensitive skin against scratches, for both adults and childrens.
Can I apply the nail caps to my pet myself?
Absolutely! Most people apply Masked Claw themselves on their pet. Calling your vet or your groomer can also be a good solution, especially for the first application or if you do not usually cut yourself your pet's nails.
How do I apply Masked Claw?
The nail caps Masked Claw are very easy to apply. The process only takes a few minutes. Simply fill one third of the nail caps with the adhesive provided for this purpose and slide it on the nails of your pet. The glue dries very quickly. Quick and easy!
How long Masked Claw will stay in place?
Nail Caps adheres to claws for about 4 to 6 weeks for adult cats and dogs, and 2 to 3 weeks for kittens. In general, a Masked Claw kit can last about 4 to 6 months.
How often should I replace the nail caps?
It may happen that some nail caps falls, we recommend that you periodically check your pet's nails. If a nail cap is missing, simply replace it with a new one.
Is Masked Claw safe for my pet?
The Masked Claw nail caps are safe, harmless and non-toxic, both for animals and for children. If unfortunately a nail cap was swallowed, the nail cap simply pass through the digestive system. The glue is also safe for the animal. However, it is essential to read carefully the instructions and precautions in the instruction manual.
Can cats still extract and retract their claws with claw protectors?
Absolutely! The nail caps are designed to not interfere with the natural extension and retraction of the claws of your cat.
Can Masked Claw interfere with the normal behavior of the cat: scratching or stretching?
No, not at all! Your cat may continue to stretch and to scratch. The big difference will be held instead at your property, who will not suffer more damage during these acts. It is important that the use of Masked Claw does not interfere with the natural behavior of your cat. This is important because on the pads of a cat's feet are scent glands that are activated when it scratches something.
Can Masked Claw cause infection to my pet as for humans with certain synthetic nails?
No. Cats claws are completely different from human nails. Cat claws develop an outer sheath that eventually dies as new claws begin to form. You've probably seen those little envelopes lying around the place where your cat is scratching. This phenomenon applies even when wearing Masked Claw. The nail cap comes off with the natural loss of the outer sheat of the claw. This prevents any possibility of infection.
Do animals have difficulty getting used to Masked Claw
Although the vast majority of animals acclimate easily to wearing Masked Claw within minutes, some need a longer acclimation period. Sometimes, they may try to remove the nail caps with their teeth, than, some nail caps can fall. Simply replace the nail cap by a new one. A good tip: give your pet his favorite reward after applying Masked Claw. Some people also find easier to apply the nail caps when their pet is asleep.

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Nail caps for dogs
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Nail caps for Dogs

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Nail caps for cats
18.95 $ / box of 40 units + 2 tubes of adhesive

Nail caps for cats

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